Council of Peers announced to recognize achievements in Digital Infrastructure

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, May 4, 2023 - Platform Markets Group, the producers of the forthcoming Platform Global, the data center, digital and energy infrastructure forum in Antibes 3-5 September has announced a new Celebration of Industry Peers taking place during the event.

The Celebration is designed to elevate recognition of the achievement of people and businesses across the digital infrastructure sector.

“We are delighted to announce this new innovation to our events,” commented Gregory Gerot, co-founder and Managing Director of Platform Markets Group. “The Celebration of Industry Peers is a step change away from more traditional formats that have been used until now. We believe that the rigorous process for these accolades will underline the high value of these accolades and they will also be presented in a more informal setting.”

Also announced is the new advisory Council of Peers to manage the process for the 2023 Global accolades.

The Council includes industry experts: Alex Rabbetts, Managing Director, Corozon, chairman of the Council, Géraldine Camara, Managing Director, France Datacenter, Monika Grass, Senior Consultant Grass Consulting, Isabelle Kemlin Business & Innovation, Rise Research Institute of Sweden and Vice Chairman, Swedish Data Center Industry Association, Deborah McGargle, CEO, FAR Technologies Ltd, Stephanie Liston, Chair, UK Digital Connectivity Forum, Mark Acton Head of Technical Due Diligence, FutureTech and Kjetil Ertnæs, Senior Advisor, DLE Consulting A/S.

The Council will publish a Manifesto to support governance and transparency in the review and evaluation of nominations for the accolades.

The categories for 2023 are announced as follows:
Data Centre Colocation Innovator 2023
Digital Infrastructure Investor of the Year 2023
Law Firm of the Year 2023
Subsea Cable Services Innovator 2023
Regional Data Centre Innovator 2023
Internet and Cloud Exchange Innovator 2023
Energy Innovator of the Year 2023
Innovation in Digital Infrastructure 2023
Young Talent of the Year 2023
Real Estate Firm of the Year 2023
ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) Innovator 2023
Hyperscale or Enterprise Innovator 2023
Personality of the Year in Digital Infrastructure

“We are responding to what our customers are telling us,” commented Nicola Hayes, non-executive director of Platform Markets Group. “They have asked for transparency in the process and perhaps a little less formality in delivery. Our brand is completely aligned to the values of the professional technology industry for openness and also the need to recognize and applaud where demonstrable innovation really stands out. It is also especially important to honour these achievements as the pace of change across digital infrastructure accelerates.”

“The Celebration of Industry Peers and the accolades are very special and provide a new and unique opportunity to recognize achievement in digital infrastructure markets globally,” commented Alex Rabbetts, “I am delighted to take part in the Council and look forward to collaborating with my colleagues in our quest to celebrate outstanding people and companies.”

Platform Global, the Sustainability and ESG Forum and exhibition and the Council of Peers accolades will take place at the Palais des Congrès Antibes 3-5 September 2023. Nominations are now open (and close 30 June 2023).

Philip Low
Platform Markets Group