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Why it matters that Accolades for achievement, innovation and the best in people and companies are judged transparently.

Alex Rabbetts
By Alex Rabbetts
CEO, Corozon Business Concierge
Published May. 31, 2023 

Everyone welcomes an Accolade. Both individuals and companies benefit from the important public recognition they offer for achievement and innovation. Accolades must be assessed on merit to have value and not through any other means.

The Council that will evaluate submissions, comprising of highly qualified professionals, and managing Platform Markets’ Celebration of Peers for Data Centres and Digital Infrastructure, have moved one step further than others and have issued a Global Manifesto, to underline the transparent manner in which the Accolades will be awarded in Antibes in September.

“There are other accolades of course, but we intend the process here to be totally transparent and fair. All members of the Council agree that our primary objective is to review the nominations fairly but in a proper and transparent manner,” said Alex Rabbetts, chair of the Global Council. “This is going to be an inaugural Celebration of Peers, and we intend it to become established as a global benchmark for the highest quality accolades in our industry.”

Deborah McGargle, a member of the Council added: “Evaluating the submissions for the Celebration of Peers with integrity sends a clear message to all stakeholders that ethical values are taken seriously, and this can help establish a positive culture of integrity and honesty across the industry.”

The categories selected for nomination for 2023 present for the first time a cross section of the data centre and digital infrastructure industry:

  • Data Centre Colocation Innovator 2023
  • Digital Infrastructure Investor of the Year 2023
  • Law Firm of the Year 2023
  • Subsea Cable Services Innovator 2023
  • Regional Data Centre Innovator 2023
  • Internet and Cloud Exchange Innovator 2023
  • Energy Innovator of the Year 2023
  • Innovation in Digital Infrastructure 2023
  • Young Talent of the Year 2023
  • Real Estate Firm of the Year 2023
  • ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) Innovator 2023
  • Hyperscale or Enterprise Innovator 2023
  • Personality of the Year in Digital Infrastructure

Nicola Hayes, non-executive director of Platform Markets Group. “Our customers have asked for transparency in the process but also perhaps a little less formality in delivery. Our brand is completely aligned to the values of the professional technology industry for openness and also the need to recognize and applaud where demonstrable innovation really stands out. Our Council comprises of professionals managing businesses in the sector. It is especially important today to honour achievements as the pace of change across digital infrastructure accelerates.”

To find out more about the Celebration of Peers and to submit an entry, visit