Susanna Kass

Susanna Kass
Carbon Neutral Data Center Advisor
UNSDG Program
Susanna Kass ranks 1st of the 2023 Top 10 Sustainability Leaders by Data Centre Magazine in August 2023, ranks 4th of the 2023 Top 10 Women in Data Centre by Capacity Media in May 2023, one of the Top 10 data center influencers to follow on LinkedIn in 2022 and 2023.

Susanna is a member of Climate 50 for five consecutive years, she is recognized in her role as the Data Center Advisor for UNSDG-EP Action, her work on the Carbon Free 2030 pledges to support the Paris Climate Accord by the hyperscalers, data center sector, Microsoft, Google, Goldman Sachs, Meta-Facebook, Amazon, AWS, and Equinix; and the impact that she achieved over 3.8 Gigawatt of clean energy projects. She held clean energy patents in her net zero designs for circularity data centers.

Inc. Magazine, CIO Women Magazine put her on the cover page, named her as Trailblazer, topmost Inspiring Leaders women and tech in May and September 2023. Susanna has mentored over 700 youths, she is an Energy Fellow, a Stanford GSB Alumni serves in her alma mater as a board member to the Stanford University Graduate Management Board (GMB) Women’s Circle leading Impact and Analysis and as a guest lecturer at School of Engineering for Urban Systems Design and Doerr School of Sustainability.

Kass works in the IT realms for over 32 years and, concurrently in the power industry for 15 years. She was COO for eBay International, General Manager for HP Data Center Network Services Operation, Head of Innovation at NextEra Energy, EVP Baselayer/IO and VP at Sun Microsystems Worldwide Data Center Business Operations. She joined several startups, built products and clients from the ground up to $Billions in revenue, two of her companies went IPO, two had exits with corporate acquisitions in $2.3Billions and 7.4Billions.

Susanna resides in the bay area, silicon valley, California, USA. Her famous quote, “The cleanest data center is not powered by wind, solar, hydro or nuclear energy, it is one we do not need to build.”

Susanna will speak on two of her favorite topics that she is passionate to drive results: Impact and Innovation.