How to nominate for a Council of Peers Accolade

Step 1A
Entry Submission Title (company name, contact name, title, email, mobile number). If submitting on behalf of a company, or when nominating others, the name of the company or person being nominated must be clear in the submission.

Step 1B
Entry Submission. State a concise narrative for submission for the Council of Peers to be considered as a winner in ONE selected category. Council members will be looking at the story, substantiated facts to support the claim and evidence to allow the judges to score the answers higher than the other entries for the category selected. In all submissions it is important to make sure that the criteria indicated for that category are properly addressed to receive a high score.

Step 1C
Entry Submission. Optional - upload a short video (less than 2 mins) summarising the essence of the entry and your reasoning for the submission to be considered as a winner in ONE selected category. (File size limit 50 MB)

Step 1D
Entry Submission. Submission in multiple categories is permitted, even encouraged, however, each submission must be unique and relevant to the category it is submitted for. The same submissions duplicated in different categories will be disqualified, as will multiple similar entries in the same category from the same company, unless they are significantly differentiated.

Step 2
Leadership and Differentiator. Please describe how the entry is exemplary above and beyond meeting the demands of conventional approach. What is unique to differentiate the entry in relation to the specified criteria?

Step 3A
Accuracy and Effectiveness with Evidence. What is the solution? Why the entry deserves a celebration by the industry and deserves a prestigious accolade and recognition. Show evidence with facts (not biased claims and no marketing material) on how the solution accurately portrays resolving challenges with facts; data centre values, scale, performance, agility, resource optimisation, security, and taking risks that demonstrate it is a market leader, a category creator with clear descriptions of impact results. Projects and initiatives that are not yet complete and have not yet delivered quantifiable results at the time of submission will not be considered. Ambition is to be commended but proof of results is required.

Step 3B
Entry Submission when selected on the award category short list, you will be required to provide 2 or more customer testimonials with quantitative data to support your entry. Backup materials can be video or written, may be used by the Council of Peers to select the final winner and should be 2 minutes or less (if video).

In the event of your submission being shortlisted, you will need to be available to the Council for additional questions if they deem them necessary and respond within 48 hours. You will need to make arrangements for yourself, or the nominated person or company, to attend in person at the Celebration of Peers ceremony as finalists.

The primary goal of the Celebration of Peers is to recognise your entry with reward achievement, and as part of this we believe it is important to share winning stories with the wider industry. This may be via a press announcement or through an announcement at the Celebration of Peers ceremony as to why you were selected as the winner of an accolade. The Celebration of Peers is intended to promote best practices by teams and individuals demonstrated through the submission for an accolade. The industry will celebrate your success and raise the awareness of your peers to elevate and shape our industry.

The Council of Peers are dedicated subject matter experts from the industry with extensive global experience. We encourage quality entrants and industry recommendations of qualified entrants. We aim to select the finest in each category with equitable and fairness integrity standards and to showcase them at the annual Celebration of Peers and across multiple media platforms.

Entry Template Summary
Entry Submission: Company name, website
Entrant Contact: Name, title, mobile number
Entrant Executive Summary: Project, business case, word count max: 600
Entrant Impact Description: Performance, Scaling, Sustainability, Customer Satisfaction, Economics, Key Learnings for Industry Wide, Evidence of Results Achieved.


2024 Nominations