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Nomination Categories

  • Data Centre Provider Africa 2023

    Awarded for excellence in data centre services in Africa. This could be a data centre operation, design or innovation. Entrants must be operating facilities in Africa.

  • Multi-Country Data Centre Provider Africa 2023

    Awarded for excellence in providing data centre services in multiple countries in Africa. To be eligible entrants must be operating in multiple countries across Africa.

  • Cloud Provider Africa 2023

    Awarded to a Cloud provider that is providing Cloud services in Africa that are supporting or developing digital services and innovation. Entrants will need to be able to demonstrate not only that they are a Cloud provider but also how their service is benefiting the digital community.

  • Subsea Cable Services Innovator for Africa 2023

    This award honours the achievements of a leading company in the highly competitive Subsea cable services sector.

  • Inland Connectivity for Africa 2023

    Awarded for the delivery of inland connectivity within Africa. Connectivity could be terrestrial, satellite or other innovative connectivity solutions and may include interconnects or hybrid solutions. Entrants may include carriers, data centre operators, cloud providers, interconnection exchange points or innovators in connectivity.

  • Energy Innovation of the Year Africa 2023

    Honouring the achievements of the leading energy innovators supporting digital infrastructure in Africa. Entrants must be delivering energy with their solution.

  • Innovator in Digital Infrastructure Africa 2023

    Recognising a unique achievement by an individual contributing to new services of value to business communities in a country or region of Africa. This award is an individual award and is recognised too by the winner’s peers.

  • Diversity in a Digital Environment Africa 2023

    This award intends to recognise diversity in the digital services community. This award seeks to recognise an individual who is integral to the industry, brings a fresh perspective and stands out by making a difference.